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Amplitude Contrast Ratio

Science / Spiders / Amplitude Contrast Ratio: For a weak phase, weak amplitude object, the ratio Qo between the contrast transferred by cos(gamma) and sin(gamma) is called amplitude contrast ratio. It is different for different atoms, and strictly speaking also different for different spatial frequencies. Overlooking this dependency, the ratio is often given as a constant. For a specimen composed of different atomic species, Qo can be empiric MORE

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Other Words for Bristle

Bristle Noun Synonyms
hair, whisker, barb, prickle, thorn, quill, seta
Shaving brushes are often made from badger bristles.

Bristle Verb Synonyms
prickle, rise, stand up, horripilate
He could feel the hair on the back of his neck bristle.

seethe, become angry or infuriated or furious or maddened, boil, flare up, see red, bridle
He bristled with enraged frustration.

teem, crawl, be thick, swarm, be alive
The sea urchin was bristling with sharp spines.

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