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Monocoque Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Monocoque Frame: A motorcycle frame in which the structure is made as one unit from a sheet material (ie alloy or steel). It may also include bodywork or fuel container in the structure. A Grand Prix motorcycle racing monocoque motorcycle was developed in 1967 by Ossa, a Spanish motorcycle brand. Honda also experimented with a monocoque motorcycle in 1979 with its NR500. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 sport bike was int MORE

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Thesaurus Word of the Day

Other Words for Joint

Joint Verb Synonyms
seam, union, juncture, connection, junction, intersection
The joint won't show after the whole thing's been painted.

dive, dump, honky-tonk
We went into a joint in Soho, looking for some action.

Joint Noun Synonyms
Who carves the Sunday joint at your house.

shared, mutual, combined, collective, cooperative, common, communal, collaborative
Our aims can only be achieved by joint effort.

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