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Other Words for Glare

Glare Noun Synonyms
dazzle, brilliance, brightness, splendour, resplendence, radiance, effulgence, lustre, shine, flame, flare, blaze
We had to shade our eyes from the glare.

frown, dirty or nasty or black look, scowl, stare, glower, lower or also lour
She shrank from his fierce glare.

garishness, gaudiness, floridity or floridness, flashiness, tawdriness, showiness, ostentation, meretriciousness
His writing is filled with the pomp and glare of rhetoric.

frown, give a dirty or nasty or black look, scowl, stare, glower, lower or also lour, look daggers (at)
She simply glared at him and he withered.

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