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Life Style / Coffee / Flavor: Flavor is the most ambiguous term of all. Acidity has something to do with flavor, and so do body and aroma. Some coffees simply have a fuller, richer flavor than others, whereas other coffees have an acidy tang, for instance, that tends to dominate everything else. One can also speak of a distinctively flavored coffee, a coffee whose flavor characteristics stand out. Of the three coffees I sugges MORE

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Other Words for Encounter

Encounter Noun Synonyms
meet, come upon, run into or across, happen upon, chance upon, hit upon, light upon, stumble upon, bump into
She encountered him again in the supermarket.

Encounter Verb Synonyms
face, experience, meet with, contend with, be faced with, come into contact with, wrestle with
She encounters such problems every day.

come into conflict with, contend with, assail, cross swords (with), grapple with, engage, joust with, do battle with, confront, clash with, join, meet
The ballad tells how he encountered the black knight in single combat.

It was a chance encounter that brought us together.

Encounter Noun Synonyms
confrontation, brush, quarrel, disagreement, dispute, altercation, engagement, action, battle, fight, clash, conflict, skirmish, contest, competition, duel, contention, struggle, war, dust-up, scrap, run-in, set-to
My uncle took part in the bloody encounter in the Ardennes.

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