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Life Style / Painting / Pentimento: A reappearance of a design, a drawing or a picture that has been painted over; It is a phenomenon particularly associated with oils. It is caused by the medium or vehicle with the overpainting acquiring a higher refractive index and thus becoming more transparent. Some of the paintings by the 17th century Dutchman De Hooch are prone to this condition. He over painted somewhat thinly, and black and MORE

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Other Words for Purpose

Purpose Adjective Synonyms
object, intention, intent, end, goal, ambition, objective, target, aim, principle, point, rationale, reason, scheme, plan, design, motive, motivation, view
What purpose was served by her confession? If your purpose in inviting me was to insult me, I shall leave now. I fail to understand Laura's purpose in warning me against David.

Purpose Noun Synonyms
resolution, firmness, determination, persistence, drive, single-mindedness, deliberation, deliberateness, purposefulness, steadfastness, tenacity, doggedness, will, resolve, resoluteness, perseverance, stubbornness
She admired the strong purpose behind his refusal to compromise with quality.

use, practicality, avail, effect, utility,efulness, outcome, result, advantage, profit, gain, good, benefit
To what purpose are you planning to put this knowledge? I cannot see the purpose in pursuing this line of questioning.

plan, intend, design, resolve, mean, aim, have in mind or view, have a mind, propose, consider, contemplate, aspire, long, yearn
They purpose to open an office of their own.

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