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Entertainment / Literature / Tension: (1) In common usage, tension refers to a sense of heightened involvement, uncertainty, and interest an audience experiences as the climax of the action approaches. (2) In the school of literary theory called 'New Criticism' in the 1930s and later, the word tension refers more specifically to the quality of balanced opposites that can provide form and unity to a literary work of diverse components. MORE

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Other Words for Accord

Accord Verb Synonyms
agree, harmonize, concur, be at one, correspond, agree, be in harmony, be consistent, go (together), coincide, conform
His principles and practices do not accord with one another.

Accord Noun Synonyms
agreement, unanimity, concord, reconciliation, harmony, mutual understanding, conformity, accordance, rapport, concert
The countries are in accord on a beneficial trade balance.

agreement, treaty, pact, contract
The accords will be signed at the summit meeting in May.

agreement, harmony, congruence, correspondence
The colors of the curtains are in perfect accord with those of the carpet.

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