Business / Accounting / Accounting: A service activity designed to accumulate, measure, and communicate financial information about economic entities for decision-making purposes.

Management Accounting

Business / Accounting / Management Accounting: The area of accounting concerned with providing internal financial reports to assist management in making decisions. MORE

Cash-Basis Accounting

Business / Accounting / Cash-Basis Accounting: A system of accounting in which transactions are recorded and revenues and expenses are recognized only when cash is received or paid. MORE

Price Change Accounting

Business / Accounting / Price Change Accounting: Accounting for the value of assets, stock, raw materials etc. by their current market value instead of the more traditional Historic Cost . MORE

Double-Entry Accounting

Business / Accounting / Double-Entry Accounting: A system of recording transactions in a way that maintains the equality of the accounting equation. MORE

Accounting Model

Business / Accounting / Accounting Model: The basic accounting assumptions, concepts, principles, and procedures that determine the manner of recording, measuring, and reporting an entity's transactions. MORE

Accounting Cycle

Business / Accounting / Accounting Cycle: This covers everything from opening the books at the start of the year to closing them at the end. In other words, everything you need to do in one accounting year accounting wise. MORE