Accrued Expenses

Business / Accounting / Accrued Expenses: Expenses that arise through adjusting entries when accounting for unrecorded expenses.

Other Words for Expenses

Expenses Adjective Synonyms: payment, costs, outlay, outgoings, disbursement, expenditure, spending, out-of-pocket (expenses), cost, price, charge, fee, rate

Operating Expenses

Business / Finance / Operating Expenses: All expenses related to the ongoing operations of a company, including research and development, sales and marketing, and administrative expenses. Any costs directly attributable to producing goods or MORE

Other Expenses

Business / Finance / Other Expenses: Expenses due to activities outside the normal operations of the business, for example, loss from foreign exchange and loss from investments. MORE

Miscellaneous Expenses

Business / Finance / Miscellaneous Expenses: An account for operating expenses that do not fall into any of the predefined categories such as salaries, utilities, advertising, and depreciation. MORE

Inflexible Expenses

Business / Finance / Inflexible Expenses: Securities such as bonds or notes that guarantee a return higher than the rate of inflation if the security is held to maturity. MORE

Accrued Benefits

Business / Finance / Accrued Benefits: The pension benefits earned by an employee accourding to the years of the employee's service. MORE

Other Revenues And Expenses

Business / Accounting / Other Revenues And Expenses: Items incurred or earned from activities that are outside, or peripheral to, the normal operations of a firm. MORE