Advanced Corporation Tax (ACT)

Business / Accounting / Advanced Corporation Tax (ACT): This is corporation tax paid in advance when a limited company issues a dividend. ACT is then deducted from the total corporation tax due when it has been calculated at year end. ACT was abolished in April 1999. See Corporation Tax .

Other Words for Tax

Tax Noun Synonyms: assess, exact, demand, charge, impose or levy a tax (on), tithe
Tax Adjective Synonyms: levy, impost, duty, tariff, assessment, tribute, toll, excise, customs, charge, contribution, scot, tithe, octroi, cess, rate(s), dues

Tax Anticipation Bills (Tabs)

Business / Finance / Tax Anticipation Bills (Tabs): An account at a private bank, held in the name of the district Federal Reserve Bank, which holds operating cash for the business of the U.S. Treasury. MORE

Tax And Loan Account

Business / Finance / Tax And Loan Account: A tax on imports or exports. MORE


Business / Accounting / Tax: A government fee on business and individual income, activities, or products. MORE

Tax Anticipation Notes (Tans)

Business / Finance / Tax Anticipation Notes (Tans): Special bills that the Treasury occasionally issues that mature on corporate quarterly income tax dates and can be used at face value by corporations to pay their tax liabilities. MORE

Tax Audit

Business / Finance / Tax Audit: Notes issued by states or municipalities to finance current operations in anticipation of future tax receipts. MORE

Tax Base

Business / Finance / Tax Base: Minimizing tax burden through legal means such as tax-free municipal bonds, tax shelters, IRA accounts, and trusts. Compare with tax evasion. MORE