Business / Accounting / Articulation: The interrelationships among the financial statements.

Ease Of Articulation

Entertainment / Literature / Ease Of Articulation: The linguistic concern for how certain sound changes in words might be motivated by how easy or hard the word is to pronounce. MORE

Manner Of Articulation

Entertainment / Literature / Manner Of Articulation: In linguistics, how the speech organs of lips, tongue, and vocal cords must be arranged in order to produce a particular sound such as a nasal, a stop, a fricative, or so on. MORE

Place Of Articulation

Entertainment / Literature / Place Of Articulation: The point in the oral cavity where the position of speech organs (lips, teeth, tongue, etc.) Is most important for a particular sound. MORE

Speech and Language Disorders

Life Style / Adoption / Speech and Language Disorders: Impairments of speech or receptive language. Speech disorders usually involved difficulties with articulation which can generally be improved or resolved with speech therapy, usually requiring treatme MORE

Transferable Courses

Life Style / College / Transferable Courses: If a course is marked in the course listing with an asterisk (*), the course appears on the Commission of Higher Education's Statewide Articulation List of Universally Transferable Courses from all te MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Allophone: A predictable change in the articulation of a phoneme. For example, the letter t in the word top is aspirated, but the letter t in stop is unaspirated. MORE