Business / Accounting / Assets: Assets represent what a business owns or is due. Equipment, vehicles, buildings, creditors, money in the bank, cash are all examples of the assets of a business. Typical breakdown includes 'Fixed assets', 'Current assets' and 'non-current assets'. Fixed refers to equipment, buildings, plant, vehicles etc. Current refers to cash, money in the bank, debtors etc. Non-current refers to any assets which do not easily fit into the previous categories (such as Deferred expenditure ).

Other Words for Assets

Assets Noun Synonyms: property, resources, possessions, holdings, effects, capital, means, valuables, money, wealth

Capital Assets

Business / Accounting / Capital Assets: See Fixed Assets . MORE

Other Assets

Business / Finance / Other Assets: Assets exclusive of current assets and property, plant and equipment. Other assets can include intangibles, deposits, loans made, and miscellaneous non-current assets. MORE

Other Current Assets

Business / Finance / Other Current Assets: Value of noncash assets, including prepaid expenses and accounts receivable, due within one year. MORE