Audit Trail

Business / Accounting / Audit Trail: A list of transactions in the order they occurred.

Other Words for Trail

Trail Verb Synonyms: (beaten) path, way, footpath, route, way, track, course
Trail Noun Synonyms: track, spoor, scent, smell, trace, footsteps, footprints, path, wake

Rake and Trail

Technology / Motorcycle / Rake and Trail: Rake is the angle of the fork away from vertical toward the rider. Trail is the distance on the ground between a vertical line dropped straight down from the center of the wheel and a projection of th MORE

Standard Unqualified Audit Report

Business / Accounting / Standard Unqualified Audit Report: Audit report indicating that all auditing conditions have been met, no significant misstatements have been discovered and remain uncorrected, and the auditors feel the financial statements are fairly MORE

Tax Audit

Business / Finance / Tax Audit: Notes issued by states or municipalities to finance current operations in anticipation of future tax receipts. MORE

Quality Audit

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Quality Audit: The process of examining the elements of a quality management system in order to evaluate how well they comply with quality system specifications. MORE


Business / Finance / Post-Audit: A set of procedures for evaluating a capital budgeting decision after the fact. MORE

Internal Auditors

Business / Accounting / Internal Auditors: An independent group of experts in controls, accounting, and operations, who monitor operating results and financial records, evaluate internal controls, assist with increasing the efficiency and effe MORE