Balancing Charge

Business / Accounting / Balancing Charge: When a fixed asset is sold or disposed of, any loss or gain on the asset can be reclaimed against (or added to) any profits for income tax purposes. This is called a balancing charge.

Other Words for Charge

Charge Verb Synonyms: fill, imbue, load, instil, pervade, permeate, saturate, suffuse
Charge Noun Synonyms: load, burden, weight, onus, impediment, care, concern, obligation

Minimum Finance Charge

Business / Taxes / Minimum Finance Charge: A minimum finance charge is a fee collected by a credit card issuer each billing period. It applies when the actual finance charge you owe isn’t equal to or larger than this minimum. For example, if MORE

Mileage Charge

Life Style / Travel / Mileage Charge: A additional fee charged for each mile of a rental car driven beyond the limited mileage allowance at the time of the rental. MORE

Noncash Charge

Business / Finance / Noncash Charge: A cost, such as depreciation, depletion, and amortization, that does not involve any cash outflow. MORE

Nonrecurring Charge

Business / Finance / Nonrecurring Charge: A one-time expense or credit shown in a company's financial statement. MORE

Port Charges

Life Style / Travel / Port Charges: A charge levied of cruise lines by local government authorities. This charge is passed on to the cruise passenger. To present a fairer representation of cruise costs, 7 blue seas includes port charges MORE

Passenger Facility Charge (Pfc)

Life Style / Travel / Passenger Facility Charge (Pfc): An airport tax that is authorized by the us congress for upgrading and expanding local airport facilities charged per customer. Currently the tax must be between $3 and $12 on any single transaction. MORE