Business / Accounting / Banks: Corporations chartered by state or federal government to offer numerous financial services such as checking and savings accounts, loans, and safe deposit boxes. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures accounts in federally chartered banks.

Money Center Banks

Business / Finance / Money Center Banks: Banks that raise most of their funds from the domestic and international money markets, relying less on depositors for funds. MORE

Nonbank Banks

Business / Taxes / Nonbank Banks: Nonbank banks, also called limited-service banks, offer some but not all of the services of a traditional commercial bank. They're typically owned by companies, including insurance companies, brokerag MORE

Farm Credit Banks

Business / Agriculture / Farm Credit Banks: Institutions within the Farm Credit System (FCS) that make direct long-term agricultural loans secured by farm real estate through Federal Land Bank Associations. They provide wholesale loan funds to MORE

Consortium Banks

Business / Finance / Consortium Banks: A group of companies that cooperate and share resources in order to achieve a common objective. MORE

Federal Home Loan Banks

Business / Finance / Federal Home Loan Banks: A federal tax imposed on assets conveyed as gifts to individuals. MORE

Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation (FFCBFC)

Business / Agriculture / Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation (FFCBFC): An entity within the Farm Credit System (FCS) that manages and coordinates the sale of system-wide bonds and notes in the national financial markets. Since the FCS, by law, is not permitted to accept MORE