Business / Accounting / Bill: A term typically used to describe a purchase invoice (eg. an invoice from a supplier).

Other Words for Bill

Bill Verb Synonyms: invoice, charge
Bill Noun Synonyms: invoice, account, tally, reckoning, tabulation, (restaurant) check, tab

No Balance Billing Provision

Health / Health Insurance / No Balance Billing Provision: A provider contract clause which states that the provider agrees to accept the amount the plan pays for medical services as payment in full and not to bill plan members for additional amounts (except MORE

Treasury Bill, Note, Bond

Business / Real Estate / Treasury Bill, Note, Bond: Treasury bill issued for less than a year, Treasury note issued from one to five years, Treasury bond issued from five to ten years. MORE

Bill Of Sale

Business / Real Estate / Bill Of Sale: A written agreement by which one person sells, assigns or transfers to another his or her right to, or interest in, personal property. A bill of sale is sometimes used by a seller of real estate to ev MORE

Billing Cycle

Business / Finance / Billing Cycle: The time elapsed between billing periods for goods sold or services rendered. MORE

Treasury Bills

Business / Finance / Treasury Bills: U.S. Department of the Treasury, which issues all Treasury bonds, notes, and bills as well as overseeing agencies. Also, the department within a corporation that oversees its financial operations incl MORE

Round-Up Calls-Billing

Technology / Cell Phones / Round-Up Calls-Billing: When calls are billed by the minute, any call that uses a portion of a minute is rounded up and billed for the whole minute. For example, if you make a call that lasts 3 minutes and 2 seconds, you are MORE