Capital Allowances (UK Specific)

Business / Accounting / Capital Allowances (UK Specific): The depreciation on a fixed asset is shown in the Profit and Loss account, but is added back again for income tax purposes. In order to be able to claim the depreciation against any profits the Inland Revenue allow a proportion of the value of fixed assets to be claimed before working out the tax bill. These proportions (usually calculated as a percentage of the value of the fixed assets) are called Capital Allowances.

Other Words for Capital

Capital Noun Synonyms: head, top, crown, cap
Capital Adjective Synonyms: chief, main, major, important, cardinal, central, principal, prime, primary, paramount, pre-eminent, foremost, leading

Negative Working Capital

Business / Finance / Negative Working Capital: Occurs when current liabilities exceed current assets, which can lead to bankruptcy. MORE

Net Capital Requirement

Business / Finance / Net Capital Requirement: SEC requirement that member firms and nonmember securities broker-dealers maintain a maximum ratio of indebtedness to liquid capital of 15 to 1. MORE

Nasdaq Small-Capitalization Companies

Business / Finance / Nasdaq Small-Capitalization Companies: A group of 2000 companies with relatively small capitalization, which are listed separately and have at least two market makers. MORE