Check Register (Ledger)

Business / Accounting / Check Register (Ledger): A record of all activity that happens within a checking account: maintained by the checking account holder.

Other Words for Check

Check Noun Synonyms: stop, stopping, cease, surcease, hesitation, cessation, stoppage, interruption, break, pause, balk or baulk, discontinuity, discontinuation, discontinuance, suspension
Check Verb Synonyms: stop, arrest, stay, halt, obstruct, block, limit, retard, slow, brake, curb, hinder, hamper, impede, thwart

Other Words for Register

Register Verb Synonyms: record, roll, roster, rota, catalogue, annal(s), archive(s), journal, daybook, diary, appointment book, calendar, chronicle, schedule, programme, directory, ledger, file, index, inventory, list, listing, poll, tally,
Register Noun Synonyms: cash register, till, money box, cash-box


Life Style / College / Register-Enroll: This is the procedure by which students choose classes each semester. It also includes the assessment and collection of fees. MORE

Register Punch

Entertainment / Photography / Register Punch: Punched used to make alignment holes in film or paper for registering images. MORE

Register Dialect

Entertainment / Literature / Register Dialect: A dialectal variation used only for a particular circumstance or for a specific purpose. For instance, the ceremonial language of sermons, weddings, and funerals often uses words like brethren or belo MORE


Business / Construction / Register: A grill placed over a heating duct or cold air return. MORE

Registered Bond

Business / Finance / Registered Bond: A bond whose issuer records ownership and interest payments. Differs from a bearer bond, which is traded without record of ownership and whose possession is the only evidence of ownership. MORE

Registered Bonds

Business / Accounting / Registered Bonds: Bonds for which the names and addresses of the bondholders are kept on file by the issuing company. MORE