Closed Transaction

Business / Accounting / Closed Transaction: A transaction that is completed within the accounting period: both the purchase and payment or sale and receipt of payment occur within the same accounting period.

Other Words for Transaction

Transaction Adjective Synonyms: deal, dealing, negotiation, matter, affair, business, action, proceeding, agreement, arrangement, bargain

Round-Trip Transactions Costs

Business / Finance / Round-Trip Transactions Costs: Costs of completing a transaction, including commissions, market impact costs, and taxes. MORE

Riskless Transaction

Business / Finance / Riskless Transaction: A transaction that is guaranteed a profit, such as the arbitrage of a temporary differential between commodity prices in two different markets. The evaluation of whether dealer markups and markdowns i MORE

Semi-Open (Closed) Adoption

Life Style / Adoption / Semi-Open (Closed) Adoption: Adoption where adoptive family and birth parents may talk, meet and have correspondence after the adoption, but no identifying information is exchanged. MORE

Structured Arbitrage Transaction

Business / Finance / Structured Arbitrage Transaction: A form of pricing efficiency, that posits that the price of a security reflects all information, whether or not it is publicly available. Related: Weak-form efficiency, semi-strong form efficiency. MORE

Totally -Enclosed Air-To-Air-Cooled Machine

Technology / Motors / Totally -Enclosed Air-To-Air-Cooled Machine: A totally enclosed machine cooled by circulating internal air through a heat exchanger which, in turn, is cooled by circulating external air. Provided with an air-to-air heat exchanger for cooling ven MORE

Taxable Transaction

Business / Finance / Taxable Transaction: Taxed private-purpose bonds issued by the state or local government to finance prohibited projects such as sports stadiums. MORE