Code Of Professional Ethics

Business / Accounting / Code Of Professional Ethics: Rules set by the AICPA's Committee on Professional Ethics, which govern the conduct of CPAs.

Other Words for Code

Code Noun Synonyms: cipher or cypher, cryptogram
Code Verb Synonyms: law(s), regulation(s), rule(s), jurisprudence, jus canonicum 'canon law', jus civile 'civil law', jus divinum 'divine law', jus gentium 'universal law', jus naturale 'natural law', corpus juris, pandect, common law, unwritten law

Other Words for Professional

Professional Adjective Synonyms: trained, educated, practiced, veteran, experienced, seasoned, able, skilled, skilful, gifted, talented, qualified, knowledgeable, licensed, official, expert, masterful, masterly, master, efficient, adept, proficient, competent, polished, finished
Professional Noun Synonyms: master, expert, maestro, virtuoso, past master or mistress, specialist, authority, wizard, pro, whiz or whizz, maven or mavin, dab hand

Physician Profiling

Health / Health Insurance / Physician Profiling: In the context of a pharmacy benefit plan, the process of compiling data on physician prescribing patterns and comparing physicians' actual prescribing patterns to expected patterns within select drug MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photoflood: Artificial light source using a tungsten filament lamp and a dish reflector. MORE

Philadelphia Board Of Trade (PBOT)

Business / Finance / Philadelphia Board Of Trade (PBOT): A subsidiary of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange that trades currency futures. MORE

Personal Tax View (Of Capital Structure)

Business / Finance / Personal Tax View (Of Capital Structure): The argument that the difference in personal tax rates between income from debt and income from equity eliminates the disadvantage of the double taxation (corporate and personal) of income from equity MORE


Entertainment / Music / Pianoforte: Original name for the piano. MORE

Pick Off

Entertainment / Baseball / Pick Off: An attempt by the pitcher to get a base runner out by throwing to the base from the stretch position. MORE