Business / Accounting / Compensation: The total wage or salary and benefits that an employee receives. (See income.)

Workers Compensation

Health / Health Insurance / Workers Compensation: A state-mandated insurance program that provides benefits for healthcare costs and lost wages to qualified employees and their dependents if an employee suffers a work-related injury or disease. MORE

Direct Compensation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Direct Compensation: All compensation (base salary and/or incentive pay) that is paid directly to an employee. MORE

Global Compensation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Global Compensation: Pay practices relating to employees who are working on assignments in international locations. A service premium and additional incentives are often included in the compensation package to offset diff MORE

Indirect Compensation

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Indirect Compensation: Compensation that is not paid directly to an employee and is calculated in addition to base salary and incentive pay (i.e., health/dental/vision insurance, vacation, retirement benefits, educational b MORE

Compensation Committee

Health / Health Insurance / Compensation Committee: Committee of the board of directors that sets general compensation guidelines for a managed care plan, sets the CEO's compensation, and approves and issues stock options. MORE

Compensation Depth

Science / Marine Biology / Compensation Depth: The depth of the compensation light intensity MORE