Compound Journal Entry

Business / Accounting / Compound Journal Entry: A journal entry that involves more than one debit or more than one credit or both.

Other Words for Compound

Compound Noun Synonyms: put together, combine, mix, concoct, compose, make (up), formulate, blend
Compound Verb Synonyms: blend, merge, coalesce, combine, unite, fuse or also fuze, come or go together
Compound Adjective Synonyms: composite, blend, synthesis, combination, consolidation, parasynthesis, parathesis, mixture, amalgam, alloy, merging, merger, mix

Other Words for Entry

Entry Verb Synonyms: access, entrance, entry-way, door, inlet, passage, way in
Entry Noun Synonyms: entrance, arrival, coming or going in
Entry Adjective Synonyms: access, entrance, entr‚e, admittance, admission

Other Words for Journal

Journal Noun Synonyms: diary, chronicle, dossier, record, register, log, logbook, minute-book, minutes, documentation, album, scrapbook, memoir, almanac, annal, history, yearbook, record book, roll, catalogue, list
Journal Verb Synonyms: periodical, magazine, gazette, newspaper, paper, newsletter, review, tabloid, daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, quarterly, annual


Business / Accounting / Journal: An accounting record in which transactions are first entered: provides a chronological record of all business activities. MORE

Joint Cement Or Joint Compound

Business / Construction / Joint Cement Or Joint Compound: A powder that is usually mixed with water and used for joint treatment in gypsum-wallboard finish. Often called 'spackle' or drywall mud. MORE

Ionic Compound

Science / Chemistry / Ionic Compound: A compound made of distinguishable cations and anions, held together by electrostatic forces. MORE

Journal Entries

Business / Accounting / Journal Entries: A term used to describe the transactions recorded in a journal. MORE

Journal Entry

Business / Accounting / Journal Entry: A recording of a transaction where debits equal credits: usually includes a date and an explanation of the transaction. MORE


Business / Accounting / Journal(S): A book or set of books where your transactions are first entered. MORE