Conduit Principle

Business / Accounting / Conduit Principle: The idea that all income earned by an entity must be passed through to the owners and reported on their individual tax returns: applicable to proprietorships, partnerships, and S corporations.

Other Words for Principle

Principle Noun Synonyms: truth, given, precept, tenet, fundamental, grounds, law, rule, dictum, canon, doctrine, teaching, dogma, proposition, (basic) assumption, postulate, axiom, maxim, truism, guide, standard, criterion, model

Principle Of Diversification

Business / Finance / Principle Of Diversification: That portfolios of different sorts of assets differently correlated with one another will have negligible unsystematic risk. In other words, unsystematic risks disappear in diversified portfolios, and MORE

Principle Of Independent Assortment

Science / Biology / Principle Of Independent Assortment: Mendels second law; holds that during gamete formation, alleles in one gene pair segregate into gametes independently of the alleles of other gene pairs. As a result, if enough gametes are produced, t MORE

Pilates Principles

Health / Pilates / Pilates Principles: The six core principles that govern the correct execution of Pilates exercises, namely, Breathing, Centering, Control, Concentration, Flowing Movement, and Precision. To gain the most from the method, MORE

Pauli Principle

Science / Chemistry / Pauli Principle: No two electrons in an atom can have the same set of 4 quantum numbers. Because the n, ell, and mell quantum numbers address a particular orbital, and because the ms quantum number has only two possib MORE

Overload Principle

Health / Fitness / Overload Principle: Used to increase strength in the body, this principle says when you lift a weight more than you are used to, your body will react causing changes, and you will be able to handle this change on the nex MORE

Principle Of Segregation

Science / Biology / Principle Of Segregation: Mendels first law; holds that each pair of factors of heredity separate during gamete formation so that each gamete receives one member of a pair. MORE