Business / Accounting / Cost-Benefit: Calculating not only the financial costs of a project, but also the cost of the effects it will have from a social point of view. This is not easy to do since it requires valuations of intangible items like the cost of job losses or the effects on the environment. Genetically modified crops are a good example of where cost-benefits would be calculated - and also impossible to answer with any degree of certainty!

Cost-Benefit Ratio

Business / Finance / Cost-Benefit Ratio: The records maintained by an investor of the prices at which securities transactions are made, so that capital gains can be computed. MORE

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Business / Agriculture / Cost-Benefit Analysis: A quantitative and sometimes qualitative evaluation of the costs which would be incurred by some action (such as building a dam, or implementing an environmental regulation) versus the overall benefit MORE

Risk-Benefit Analysis

Business / Agriculture / Risk-Benefit Analysis: Comparison of the short- and long-term risks to the overall societal benefits of an activity, chemical use, or technology. When risks and benefits are expressed in monetary terms, this is effectively MORE