Credit Card Draft

Business / Accounting / Credit Card Draft: The part of the multiple-page credit form that is sent by the retailer to the credit card company for reimbursement of the stated amount.

Other Words for Card

Card Noun Synonyms: playing-card, pasteboard

Other Words for Credit

Credit Verb Synonyms: ascribe, acknowledge, attribute, assign, impute
Credit Noun Synonyms: belief, faith, trust, credence

Other Words for Draft

Draft Adjective Synonyms: plan, sketch, drawing, outline, rough (sketch), blueprint, diagram, prospectus
Draft Noun Synonyms: bill of exchange, cheque, money order, postal order, letter of credit

High Credit

Business / Finance / High Credit: Valuable assets owned by a company, that are not accurately reflected in its stock price at a particular time. MORE

Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome

Health / Disease / Hantavirus Cardiopulmonary Syndrome: A deadly disease transmitted to humans by infected rodents through urine, droppings, or saliva. Humans can contract the disease when they breathe in aerosolized virus. Although rare it has a high mort MORE

Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC)

Business / Taxes / Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC): Sometimes referred to as a HELOC, a home equity line of credit lets you borrow against the equity you’ve built in your home, usually by using a debit card or writing checks against your available ba MORE

Hope Scholarship Credit

Business / Taxes / Hope Scholarship Credit: You may qualify for a Hope scholarship tax credit for money you spend on qualified educational expenses for yourself, your spouse, or a dependent child. To qualify, the student must be enrolled at lea MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Hypercardioid: A narrower heart-shaped pick-up pattern than that of cardioid microphones. MORE

Guaranteed Export Credit

Business / Agriculture / Guaranteed Export Credit: A Commodity Credit Corporation guarantee of commercial export credit is available through several export credit guarantee programs. MORE