Business / Accounting / Debtors: A list of customers who owe money to the business.

Debtors (Control Account)

Business / Accounting / Debtors (Control Account): An account in the nominal ledger which contains the overall balance of the Sales Ledger. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Unsecured: Describes a debt instrument, such as a debenture, that is backed only by the debtors promise to pay. MORE

General Lien

Business / Finance / General Lien: Accountint records that show all the financial statement accounts of a business. MORE

Abstract Of Judgment

Business / Real Estate / Abstract Of Judgment: A full summary by the court of a judgment. It becomes a general lien on all of a debtors property in the county where it is recorded. MORE


Business / Accounting / Assets: Assets represent what a business owns or is due. Equipment, vehicles, buildings, creditors, money in the bank, cash are all examples of the assets of a business. Typical breakdown includes 'Fixed asse MORE

Sales Ledger

Business / Accounting / Sales Ledger: A subsidiary ledger which holds the accounts of a business's customers. A control account is held in the nominal ledger (usually called a debtors' control account) which shows the total balance of all MORE