Deferred Expenditure

Business / Accounting / Deferred Expenditure: Expenses incurred which do not apply to the current accounting period. Instead, they are debited to a 'Deferred expenditure' account in the non-current assets area of your chart of accounts . When they become current, they can then be transferred to the profit and loss account as normal.

Other Words for Expenditure

Expenditure Verb Synonyms: outlay, outgoings, disbursement, spending, payment, expense, cost, price, charge, fee

Deferred Revenue

Business / Finance / Deferred Revenue: An annuity that stipulates payments be made to the annuitant at a later date, such as when the annuitant reaches a certain age. MORE

Deferred Taxes

Business / Finance / Deferred Taxes: A liability that arises when a customer pays for goods or services before delivery is complete; for example, a one-year service contract billed in advance. Under accrual accounting, revenue must be bo MORE

Deferred Pricing

Business / Agriculture / Deferred Pricing: A cash forward contract that provides for determining price by formula at a later date. This also may be called 'booking the basis,' when the formula sets price relative to a futures price. MORE

Deferred Payment Annuity

Business / Finance / Deferred Payment Annuity: A monthly fixed-dollar payment beginning at retirement age. It is nominal because the payment is fixed in a dollar amount at any particular time, up to and including retirement. MORE

Deferred Maintenance

Business / Real Estate / Deferred Maintenance: Physical deterioration of a building resulting from postponed maintenance. MORE

Deferred Nominal Life Annuity

Business / Finance / Deferred Nominal Life Annuity: A bond that pays interest at a later date, usually in one lump sum, effectively reinvesting interest earned over the life of the bond. See: Zero coupon bond. MORE