Diversified Companies

Business / Accounting / Diversified Companies: Companies operating in more than one line of business.

Nasdaq Small-Capitalization Companies

Business / Finance / Nasdaq Small-Capitalization Companies: A group of 2000 companies with relatively small capitalization, which are listed separately and have at least two market makers. MORE

Public Companies

Business / Accounting / Public Companies: Entities whose stock is publicly traded. MORE

Well-Diversified Portfolio

Business / Finance / Well-Diversified Portfolio: The average remaining term of the mortgages underlying a MBS. MORE

Insurance Companies

Business / Real Estate / Insurance Companies: Insurance companies accumulate large sums of money from the premiums paid by their policyholders. While part of this money is held in reserve to satisfy claims and cover operating expenses, much of it MORE

Finance Companies

Business / Loan / Finance Companies: These are companies that make loans which are generally at higher rates than are available from banks or credit unions. MORE

Companies House

Business / Accounting / Companies House: The title given to the government department which collects and stores information supplied by limited companies. A limited company must supply Companies House with a statement of its final accounts e MORE