Business / Accounting / Dividends: These are payments to the shareholders of a limited company.

Dividends In Arrears

Business / Accounting / Dividends In Arrears: Missed dividends for past years that preferred stockholders have a right to receive under the cumulative-dividend preference if and when dividends are declared. MORE

Dividends Percent Of Earnings

Business / Finance / Dividends Percent Of Earnings: Indicated yield represents annual dividends divided by current stock price. MORE

Dividends Payable

Business / Finance / Dividends Payable: Cash dividends declared per share for the last 12 months. All stock dividends are noted and all per share items are adjusted (as of ex-dividend date) proportionately. MORE

Dividends 12 Months

Business / Finance / Dividends 12 Months: Each year's cash dividends per share as a percent of earnings per share reported for the same year. Dividends include all cash extras (but not stock dividends). MORE

Dividends Per Share

Business / Finance / Dividends Per Share: The declared dividend dollar amount that a company is obligated to pay. MORE

Dividends-Received Deduction

Business / Finance / Dividends-Received Deduction: Dividend paid for the past 12 months divided by the number of common shares outstanding, as reported by a company. The number of shares often is determined by a weighted average of shares outstanding MORE