Business / Accounting / Encumbrance: A liability (eg. a mortgage is an encumbrance on a property). Also, any money set aside (ie. reserved) for any purpose.

Other Words for Encumbrance

Encumbrance Verb Synonyms: weight, burden, onus, cross (to bear), albatross, millstone, handicap, impediment, hindrance, obstacle, obstruction, liability, disadvantage, drag

Covenant Against Encumbrances

Business / Real Estate / Covenant Against Encumbrances: The grantor warrants that the property is free from liens or encumbrances, except for any specifically stated in the deed. Encumbrances generally include mortgages, mechanics liens and easements. If t MORE

Cloud On Title

Business / Finance / Cloud On Title: Applies to derivative products. Buy or sell transaction that eliminates an existing position (selling a long option or buying back a short option). Antithesis of opening transaction. MORE

Title Insurance

Business / Real Estate / Title Insurance: A comprehensive indemnity contract under which a title insurance company warrants to make good a loss arising through defects in title to real estate or any liens or encumbrances thereon. Unlike other MORE

Warranty Deed

Business / Real Estate / Warranty Deed: A deed in which the grantor fully warrants good clear title to the premises, also called a general warranty deed. The usual covenants of title are covenant of seisin (possession), covenant of quiet en MORE


Business / Finance / Foreclosure: Financial forecasting is the process of estimating future financial performance. The projected financial performance of a business is measured by using pro-forma financial statements as well as other MORE

Defect Of Record

Business / Real Estate / Defect Of Record: Any encumbrance on a title that is made a part of the public record. Recorded defects include judgments, deeds of trust, mortgages, other liens and easements. MORE