Business / Accounting / Entry: Part of a transaction recorded in a journal or posted to a ledger.

Other Words for Entry

Entry Adjective Synonyms: access, entrance, entr‚e, admittance, admission
Entry Verb Synonyms: access, entrance, entry-way, door, inlet, passage, way in
Entry Noun Synonyms: entrance, arrival, coming or going in

Entry System

Entertainment / Tennis / Entry System: The ranking system used by the atp and wta tours which is so named because it determines whether a player has a sufficiently high ranking to gain direct acceptance (not as a qualifier or wildcard) int MORE

Book-Entry Securities

Business / Finance / Book-Entry Securities: System in which securities are not represented by paper certificates but are maintained in computerized records at the Fed in the names of member banks, which in turn keep computer records of the secu MORE

Double-Entry Book-Keeping

Business / Accounting / Double-Entry Book-Keeping: A system which accounts for every aspect of a transaction - where it came from and where it went to. This from and to aspect of a transaction (called crediting and debiting) is what the term double-en MORE

Prime Book Of Entry

Business / Accounting / Prime Book Of Entry: See Original book of entry . MORE

Book-Entry Security

Business / Taxes / Book-Entry Security: Book-entry securities are stocks, bonds, and similar investments whose ownership is recorded electronically rather than in certificate form. When you sell the security, the records are updated, deleti MORE

Compound Journal Entry

Business / Accounting / Compound Journal Entry: A journal entry that involves more than one debit or more than one credit or both. MORE