Fiscal Year

Business / Accounting / Fiscal Year: An entity's reporting year, covering a 12 month accounting period.

Other Words for Fiscal

Fiscal Noun Synonyms: financial, economic, budgetary, pecuniary, monetary

Fixed Year

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Fixed Year: A term used to describe an invariable year such as a calendar or fiscal year. MORE

Fiscal Year End

Business / Finance / Fiscal Year End: Accounting period covering 12 consecutive months over which a company determines earnings and profits. The fiscal year serves as a period of reference for the company and does not necessarily correspo MORE

Year-To-Date (YTD)

Business / Finance / Year-To-Date (YTD): A special dividend declared at the end of a fiscal year that usually represents distribution of higher-than-expected company profits. MORE

Six-Year Molar

Health / Dentistry / Six-Year Molar: The first permanent tooth to erupt, usually between the ages of five and six. MORE

Sum Of The Years Digits (SYD)

Business / Finance / Sum Of The Years Digits (SYD): Policies and guidelines that brokers must use to ensure that investors have the financial means to assume risks that they wish to undertake. These are enforced by the NASD and other self-regulatory or MORE

Sidereal Year

Science / Tides and Currents / Sidereal Year: Average period of the revolution of the Earth around the Sun with respect to a fixed star. Its length is approximately 365 .256,4 mean solar days. MORE