Freight Collect

Business / Accounting / Freight Collect: The buyer pays the shipping costs.

Other Words for Collect

Collect Verb Synonyms: summon (up), draw (up), muster, gather (up), concentrate
Collect Noun Synonyms: gather (together), get or bring or come or together, amass, accumulate, assemble, compile, pile up, heap up, rack up, convene, congregate, converge, rally, meet

Other Words for Freight

Freight Adjective Synonyms: goods, cargo, tonnage, freightage, load, boatload, shipload, lorry load, haul, consignment, payload
Freight Noun Synonyms: transport, transportation, carriage, conveyance, shipping, shipment, freightage, delivery

Freight Collect

Business / Accounting / Freight Collect: The buyer pays the shipping costs. MORE


Business / Accounting / Freight-In: An account used with the periodic inventory method for recording the costs of transporting into a firm all purchased merchandise intended for sale: added to purchases in calculating cost of goods sold MORE

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (1978)

Business / Accounting / Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (1978): Federal law that prohibits debt collectors from engaging in unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices when collecting debts. Collectors must send a written notice telling the amount owed and name of the MORE

Data Collection Platform (DCP)

Science / Tides and Currents / Data Collection Platform (DCP): A microprocessor based system that collects data from sensors, processes the data, stores the data in random access memory(RAM),and provides communication links for the retrieval or transmission of th MORE

Cost Insurance And Freight (CIF)

Business / Agriculture / Cost Insurance And Freight (CIF): In general, c.i.f. Means that the seller’s price includes the cost of the goods, the marine insurance, and all transportation charges to the named point of destination. Similar terms include C.&F., MORE

Cost Insurance Freight (CIF)

Business / Accounting / Cost Insurance Freight (CIF): A contract (international) for the sale of goods where the seller agrees to supply the goods, pay the insurance, and pay the freight charges until the goods reach the destination (usually a port - rat MORE