Going Concern

Business / Accounting / Going Concern: The idea that an accounting entity will have a continuing existence for the foreseeable future.

Other Words for Concern

Concern Noun Synonyms: refer or relate to, have relation or reference to, be about, pertain or appertain to, be pertinent or relevant to, regard, apply to, be connected or involved with, bear on, be germane to, be connected with, involve, apply to, touch (on)
Concern Verb Synonyms: affect, have (a) bearing or (an) influence on, involve, touch, interest, be of importance or interest to

Other Words for Going

Going Noun Synonyms: thriving, successful, succeeding, prosperous, wealthy, affluent, booming, prospering, flourishing, growing
Going Adjective Synonyms: current, present, contemporary, active, effective, accepted, prevailing, prevalent, universal, common,ual, customary

Going Public

Business / Finance / Going Public: When publicly owned stock in a firm is replaced with complete equity ownership by a private group. The firm is delisted on stock exchanges and can no longer be purchased in the open markets. MORE

Going Private

Business / Finance / Going Private: Used in the context of general equities. Soliciting/advertising over the SS1, NASDSAQ, or Autex. MORE

Going Short

Business / Finance / Going Short: When a private company first offers shares to the public market and investors. See: IPO. MORE

Going-Concern Value

Business / Finance / Going-Concern Value: Selling stock that an investor does not own by borrowing shares from a broker. The assumption is that the price will fall. The investor then buys (covers the short) the shares at a lower price than wh MORE

Outgoing Mail Server

Technology / Email / Outgoing Mail Server: The server that routes email messages to incoming servers on the Internet. Outgoing mail servers are also referred to as SMTP servers. The outgoing mail server at MIT is named outgoing.mit.edu and sec MORE

Going Ahead

Business / Finance / Going Ahead: A type of mutual fund in highly aggressive growth stocks. The fund has high levels of risk and potential return. MORE