Historical Cost

Business / Accounting / Historical Cost: The dollar amount originally exchanged in an arm's-length transaction: an amount assumed to reflect the fair market value of an item at the transaction date.

Other Words for Cost

Cost Noun Synonyms: sell for, get, fetch, bring in, set (someone) back
Cost Verb Synonyms: price, outlay, payment, charge, expense, expenditure, rate, tariff

Other Words for Historical

Historical Verb Synonyms: factual, true, verifiable, reliable, real, authentic, recorded, documented

Cost Principle

Business / Accounting / Cost Principle: The idea that transactions are recorded at their historical costs or exchange prices at the transaction date. MORE

Current Cost Accounting

Business / Accounting / Current Cost Accounting: The valuing of assets, stock, raw materials etc. at current market value as opposed to its historical cost . MORE

Indirect Costs

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Indirect Costs: Expenses, such as fringe benefits, overhead, utilities, rent or equipment, that have been incurred for the purpose of common general activities and cannot be identified or charged directly to the prod MORE

Incremental Costs And Benefits

Business / Finance / Incremental Costs And Benefits: Average cost applicable to the issue of each additional unit of debt and equity. MORE

Incremental Cost Of Capital

Business / Finance / Incremental Cost Of Capital: Difference between the firm's cash flows with and without a project. MORE

Historical Trading Range

Business / Finance / Historical Trading Range: An accounting term that refers to the exchange rate in effect at the time an asset or liability is acquired. MORE