Impersonal Accounts

Business / Accounting / Impersonal Accounts: These are accounts not held in the name of persons (ie. they do not relate directly to a business's customers and suppliers). There are two types, see Real and Nominal .

Other Words for Impersonal

Impersonal Adjective Synonyms: detached, objective, disinterested, fair, equitable, dispassionate, unprejudiced, unbiased

National Accounts

Health / Health Insurance / National Accounts: Large group accounts that have employees in more than one geographic area that are covered through a single national contract for health coverage. Contrast with large local groups. MORE

Net Realizable Value Of Accounts Receivable

Business / Accounting / Net Realizable Value Of Accounts Receivable: The net amount that would be received if all receivables considered collectible were collected: equal to total accounts receivable less the allowance for uncollectible accounts: also called the book v MORE

Memorandum Accounts

Business / Accounting / Memorandum Accounts: A name for the accounts held in a subsidiary ledger. Eg. the accounts in a sales ledger . MORE

Medical Savings Accounts (MSA)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Medical Savings Accounts (MSA): Savings accounts designated for out-of-pocket medical expenses. In an MSA, employers and individuals are allowed to contribute to a savings account on a pre-tax basis and carry over the unused funds a MORE

Impersonal Verb Construction

Entertainment / Literature / Impersonal Verb Construction: A verb used without a subject or with a largely non-referential 'it' as the subject. For instance, 'It is raining.' MORE

IRA-Keogh Accounts

Business / Finance / IRA-Keogh Accounts: Special accounts that allow saving taxes deferred until money is withdrawn. These plans are subject to frequent changes in law with respect to the deductibility of contributions. Withdrawals of tax-de MORE