Business / Accounting / Investing: The process of setting money aside to increase wealth over time and accumulate funds for long-term financial goals, such as retirement.

Momentum Investing

Business / Taxes / Momentum Investing: A momentum investor focuses on stocks that are rising in value on increasing daily volume, and avoids stocks that are falling in price or that are perceived to be undervalued. The logic is that when a MORE

Bottom-Up Investing

Business / Taxes / Bottom-Up Investing: When you use a bottom-up investing strategy, you focus on the potential of individual stocks, bonds, and other investments. Using this approach, for example, means you pay less attention to the econom MORE

Formula Investing

Business / Finance / Formula Investing: A method of selling a new issue of common stock in which the S.E.C. declares the registration statement effective on the basis of a price formula rather than on a specific range. MORE

Coattail Investing

Business / Finance / Coattail Investing: A very risky type of Real Estate Investment Trust investing in the residual cash flows of Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMOs). CMO cash_flows are derived from the difference between the rates pa MORE

Passive Investing

Business / Finance / Passive Investing: Putting money into a profitable business opportunity that is deemed passive by the IRS and thus benefits from tax deductions. MORE

Investing Activities

Business / Accounting / Investing Activities: Transactions and events that involve the purchase and sale of securities (excluding cash equivalents), property, plant, equipment, and other assets not generally held for resale, and the making and co MORE