Business / Accounting / Journal: An accounting record in which transactions are first entered: provides a chronological record of all business activities.

Other Words for Journal

Journal Noun Synonyms: diary, chronicle, dossier, record, register, log, logbook, minute-book, minutes, documentation, album, scrapbook, memoir, almanac, annal, history, yearbook, record book, roll, catalogue, list
Journal Verb Synonyms: periodical, magazine, gazette, newspaper, paper, newsletter, review, tabloid, daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, quarterly, annual

Journal Entries

Business / Accounting / Journal Entries: A term used to describe the transactions recorded in a journal. MORE

Journal Proper

Business / Accounting / Journal Proper: A term used to describe the main or general journal where other journals specific to subsidiary ledgers are also used. MORE

Cash Disbursements Journal

Business / Accounting / Cash Disbursements Journal: A special journal in which all cash paid out for supplies, merchandise, salaries, and other items is recorded. MORE

Peer-Reviewed Journal

Entertainment / Literature / Peer-Reviewed Journal: Also called a refereed journal, a juried publication, a scholarly journal, or a critical journal, a peer-reviewed journal is a periodical publication with strict standards for accuracy and clear think MORE

Purchases Journal

Business / Accounting / Purchases Journal: A special journal in which credit purchases are recorded. MORE

Sales Journal

Business / Accounting / Sales Journal: A special journal in which credit sales are recorded. MORE