Journal Proper

Business / Accounting / Journal Proper: A term used to describe the main or general journal where other journals specific to subsidiary ledgers are also used.

Other Words for Journal

Journal Verb Synonyms: periodical, magazine, gazette, newspaper, paper, newsletter, review, tabloid, daily, weekly, monthly, fortnightly, quarterly, annual
Journal Noun Synonyms: diary, chronicle, dossier, record, register, log, logbook, minute-book, minutes, documentation, album, scrapbook, memoir, almanac, annal, history, yearbook, record book, roll, catalogue, list

Other Words for Proper

Proper Adjective Synonyms: own, individual, separate, distinct, correct, specific, special, particular, respective, characteristic, distinctive, peculiar, singular, unique
Proper Verb Synonyms: right, appropriate, apropos, apt, suitable, fit, fitting, befitting, becoming, suited, apposite, de rigueur, comme il faut, adapted, meet

Property Rights

Business / Finance / Property Rights: Rights of individuals and companies to own and use property as they see fit and to receive the stream of income that their property generates. MORE

Property Reports

Business / Real Estate / Property Reports: The mandatory federal and state documents compiled by subdividers and developers to provide potential purchasers with facts about a property prior to their purchase. MORE

Property Plant And Equipment Turnover

Business / Accounting / Property Plant And Equipment Turnover: A measure of how well property, plant, and equipment are being utilized in generating a period's sales: computed by dividing net sales by average property, plant and equipment. MORE

Property Survey

Business / Construction / Property Survey: A survey to determine the boundaries of your property. The cost depends on the complexity of the survey. MORE

Property Tax

Business / Debt / Property Tax: Local tax assessed on property owned, such as real estate or automobiles. MORE

Purchases Journal

Business / Accounting / Purchases Journal: A special journal in which credit purchases are recorded. MORE