Business / Accounting / Lapping: A procedure used to conceal the theft of cash by crediting the payment from one customer to another customer's account on a delayed basis.

Overlapping Grip

Entertainment / Golf / Overlapping Grip: (also 'overlap' and 'vardon grip' after famous player, harry vardon) the most common grip in golf, placing the hands on the club such that the pinky finger of the bottom hand rests on the index finger MORE

Overlapping Debt

Business / Finance / Overlapping Debt: The portion of debt of political subdivisions or neighboring special districts that a municipality is responsible for. MORE

Ring Shout

Entertainment / Music / Ring Shout: Religious dance performed by African-American slaves, performed with hand clapping and a shuffle step to spirituals. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Stretto: Pertaining to the fugue, the overlapping of the same theme or motif by two or more voices a few beats apart. MORE


Technology / Computers / Mosaic: The first Web browser to have a consistent interface for the Macintosh, Windows, and Unix environments. It was created at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). The success of thi MORE

Continuous Imitation

Entertainment / Music / Continuous Imitation: Renaissance polyphonic style in which the motives move from line to line within the texture, often overlapping one another. MORE