Business / Accounting / License: The right to perform certain activities, generally granted by a governmental agency.

Other Words for License

License Noun Synonyms: leave, permission, liberty, authorization, authority, entitlement, dispensation, right, carte blanche, freedom, latitude, free choice, privilege, charter

Poetic License

Entertainment / Literature / Poetic License: The freedom of a poet or other literary writer to depart from the norms of common discourse, literal reality, or historical truth in order to create a special effect in or for the reader. When applied MORE

Export Licenses

Business / Agriculture / Export Licenses: A government document authorizing the export of specific goods in specific quantities to a particular destination. Licenses may be required to export to some countries for most or all goods, and for o MORE

Import License

Business / Agriculture / Import License: A document required and issued by some national governments authorizing the importation of specified goods into their respective countries. When used in a discriminatory manner, these licenses can bec MORE

Licensed Developer

Entertainment / Video Games / Licensed Developer: A company who makes games under the permission of the hardware manufacturer. For example, a developer who wants to make PS2 games must obtain a license from Sony. MORE

Licensed Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Licensed Game: A game based on a property that isn't owned by the publisher. For instance, THQ made a Battlebots game. THQ didn't have the rights to make a game using the name 'Battlebots' until they got a license f MORE

Restricted License

Business / Real Estate / Restricted License: A probationary real estate license granted after a license was revoked, suspended or denied. MORE