P and L

Business / Accounting / P and L: See Profit and Loss Account

Prices Paid Index

Business / Agriculture / Prices Paid Index: An index that measures changes in the prices paid for goods and services used in crop and livestock production and family living. The production component of the index accounts for over 65% of the tot MORE

Curl Bar

Health / Fitness / Curl Bar: Cambered bar designed for more comfortable grip and less forearm strain. MORE

Joint Agricultural Weather Facility (JAWF)

Business / Agriculture / Joint Agricultural Weather Facility (JAWF): Created in 1978, the facility is a cooperative effort between USDA’s World Agricultural Outlook Board and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce to co MORE


Life Style / Painting / Blotting: Using an absorbent material such as tissues or paper towels, or a squeezed out brush, to pick up and lighten a wet or damp wash. Can be used to lighten large areas or pick out fine details. MORE

Cultural Methods

Business / Agriculture / Cultural Methods: Practices used to enhance crop and livestock health and prevent weed, pest or disease problems without the use of chemical substances: examples include the selection of appropriate varieties and plant MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Phobia: persistent irrational fear of an activity or object. This leads to avoidance. The fear is out of proportion of the reality of the threat MORE