Primary Financial Statements

Business / Accounting / Primary Financial Statements: The balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows, used by external groups to assess a company's economic standing.

Other Words for Financial

Financial Noun Synonyms: monetary, pecuniary, fiscal, economic

Other Words for Primary

Primary Adjective Synonyms: firsthand, direct, immediate
Primary Adverb Synonyms: first, prime, principal, chief, main, leading, pre-eminent, cardinal, fundamental, basic, essential, predominant, elementary, elemental, underlying

Primary Consumer

Science / Marine Biology / Primary Consumer: A heterotrophic, herbivorous organism that feeds directly on a primary producer. Urchins are a primary consumer as they feed on kelp. See also heterotroph, food chain; compare secondary consumer. MORE

Primary Control Tide Station

Science / Tides and Currents / Primary Control Tide Station: A tide station at which continuous observations have been made over a minimum of 19 years. Its purpose is to provide data for computing accepted values of the harmonic and non-harmonic constants essen MORE

Primary Compounds

Science / Biology / Primary Compounds: Chemicals made by plants and needed for the plants own metabolism. MORE

Primary Colors

Entertainment / Photography / Primary Colors: Three primary additive colors of the spectrum in terms of transmitted light. These colors are blue, green and red. MORE

Primary Cell Wall

Science / Biology / Primary Cell Wall: The cell wall outside the plasma membrane that surrounds plant cells; composed of the polysaccharide cellulose. MORE

Primary Coffee Taste Sensations

Life Style / Coffee / Primary Coffee Taste Sensations: Acidy, mellow, winey, bland, sharp and soury. MORE