Pro Rata

Business / Accounting / Pro Rata: A term describing an allocation that is based on a proportionate distribution of the total.


Science / Genetics / Pronucleus: The nucleus of a sperm or egg prior to fertilization. MORE

Pronated Grip

Health / Fitness / Pronated Grip: A grip on the bar where the palm of the hand faces down of you during the exercise. MORE

Pronunciation Spelling

Entertainment / Literature / Pronunciation Spelling: A new spelling of an old word that more accurately reflects the current pronunciation than the original spelling does. MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Proof: The measure of the strength of the alcohol. One degree of proof equals one-half of one percent of alcohol. I.E., 80 proof is 40% alcohol. MORE

Proof of Concept (POC)

Entertainment / Video Games / Proof of Concept (POC): An early iteration of a game, created with the intention of determining the feasibility of a gameplay concept. MORE

Proof Of Citizenship

Life Style / Travel / Proof Of Citizenship: An issued document by a government that establishes the traveler's nationality. Usually an original or a certified copy of a birth certificate, or a passport. MORE