Business / Accounting / Prospectus: An official document that contains information required by the Securities & Exchange Commission to describe a mutual fund.

Other Words for Prospectus

Prospectus Noun Synonyms: announcement, plan, scheme, programme, outline, conspectus, description

Preliminary Prospectus

Business / Finance / Preliminary Prospectus: An initial or tentative version of a prospectus. MORE

Portfolio Turnover

Business / Taxes / Portfolio Turnover: Portfolio turnover is the rate at which a mutual fund manager buys or sells securities in a fund, or an individual investor buys and sells securities in a brokerage account. A rapid turnover rate, whi MORE

Lead Underwriter

Business / Finance / Lead Underwriter: The head of a syndicate of financial firms that are sponsoring an initial public offering of securities or a secondary offering of securities. Could also apply to bond issues. MORE

Real Rate Of Return

Business / Finance / Real Rate Of Return: The percentage return on some investments that has been adjusted for inflation. MORE

Investment Objective

Business / Finance / Investment Objective: The financial objective of an investor. Whether the investor requires income or capital appreciation, for example. The investor's objective governs the investment strategy. MORE

Separate Account Fund

Business / Taxes / Separate Account Fund: Each variable annuity contract offers a number of separate account funds. Each of those funds owns a collection of individual investments chosen by a professional manager who is striving to achieve a MORE