Business / Accounting / Rebate: If you pay for a service, then cancel it, you may receive a 'rebate'. That is, you may be refunded some of the money you paid for the service. (eg. if you cancel a 1 year insurance policy after 3 months, you may get a rebate for the remaining 9 months)

Other Words for Rebate

Rebate Verb Synonyms: discount, reduce, deduct, mark down, refund, repay, kick back
Rebate Noun Synonyms: discount, reduction, deduction, allowance, mark-down, cut-back, refund, repayment, rake-off

Rebate Law

Business / Real Estate / Rebate Law: Law that prohibits escrow and title insurance companies from giving rebates or favorable treatment as consideration for the referral of business. MORE

Revenue Sharing

Business / Finance / Revenue Sharing: The percentage split between the general partner and limited partners of profits and losses resulting from the operation of the involved business. MORE

Rule Of 78

Business / Taxes / Rule Of 78: A practice, called the Rule of 78, means that lenders front-load the interest they charge on a short-term loan to guarantee their profit if you pay off your loan before the end of its term. In other w MORE

Dressing Up A Portfolio

Business / Finance / Dressing Up A Portfolio: A tax or duty rebate on imported goods that are exported at a later date. MORE