Savings and Loan Associations (S and Ls)

Business / Accounting / Savings and Loan Associations (S and Ls): Financial institutions that provide loans and interest-bearing accounts. Accounts in federally chartered S & L’s are federally insured.

Other Words for Loan

Loan Verb Synonyms: advance, allowance, credit, accommodation

Other Words for Savings

Savings Adjective Synonyms: resources, reserve, cache, hoard, nest egg

Rules And Regulations

Business / Real Estate / Rules And Regulations: Real estate licensing authority orders that govern licensees activities, they usually have the same force and effect as statutory law. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Ruländer: (See Pinot Gris above). MORE

Rollover Loan

Business / Real Estate / Rollover Loan: A loan that includes a call date earlier than its normal amortization period, also called a renegotiable rate loan or a bullet loan. MORE

Rod or Staff (Dandasana)

Health / Yoga / Rod or Staff (Dandasana): A seated pose. Sit straight with your toes pointing upwards. Relax your arms at the sides of your body. MORE

Run And Shoot

Entertainment / Football / Run And Shoot: An offensive philosophy designed to force the defense to show its hand prior to the snap of the ball by splitting up receivers and sending them in motion. Receivers run patterns based on the play of t MORE

Run With The Land

Business / Real Estate / Run With The Land: A phrase describing rights or covenants that bind or benefit successive owners of a property. An example is a restrictive building covenant in a recorded deed that would affect all future owners of th MORE