Business / Accounting / Service: A term usually applied to a business which sells a service rather than manufactures or sells goods (eg. an architect or a window cleaner).

Other Words for Service

Service Noun Synonyms: assignment, post, appointment, secondment
Service Verb Synonyms: help, assistance, aid,efulness, utility, benefit, advantage

Bulletin Board Service (BBS)

Technology / Computers / Bulletin Board Service (BBS): A program designed to bring people together where they can carry on discussions and download files where all of the other members of the service can monitor these transmissions in real time. MORE

Domain Name Service (DNS)

Technology / Computers / Domain Name Service (DNS): This service changes alphabetical domain names in to IP (Internet protocol) addresses. While domain names, such as 5StarSupport are very easy to remember, the Internet is made up of IP addresses. Here MORE

Service ID (SID)

Technology / Computers / Service ID (SID): Used in the DOCSIS standard to defines a particular mapping between a cable modem (CM) and the CMTS. The SID is used for the purpose of upstream bandwidth allocation and class-of-service management. MORE

Multiple Service Operator (MSO)

Technology / Computers / Multiple Service Operator (MSO): A cable TV service provider that also provides other services such as data and/or voice telephony. MORE

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Technology / Computers / Internet Service Provider (ISP): A company that provides access to the Internet. For a monthly fee, the service provider gives you a software package, username, password and access phone number. Equipped with a modem, you can then lo MORE

Service Charge

Technology / Cell Phones / Service Charge: The amount customers pay each month to receive wireless service. This amount is fixed, and to be paid monthly regardless of how much or how little customers use their wireless phones. MORE