Business / Accounting / Shareholders: The owners of a limited company or corporation.

Shareholders Equity

Business / Finance / Shareholders Equity: This is a company's total assets minus total liabilities. A company's net worth is the same thing. MORE

Shareholders (Stockholders)

Business / Accounting / Shareholders (Stockholders): Individuals or organizations that own a portion (shares of stock) of a corporation. MORE

Shareholders Letter

Business / Finance / Shareholders Letter: A section of an annual report where one can find general overall discussion by management of successful and failed strategies. Provides guidance for looking at specific parts of the report. MORE

Due Bill

Business / Finance / Due Bill: A closed-end fund consisting of two classes of shares. The two classes are preferred shares, on which shareholders receive all the dividends and interest from the portfolio, and common shares, on whic MORE


Business / Finance / Expensed: The percentage of the assets that are spent to run a mutual fund (as of the last annual statement). This includes expenses such as management and advisory fees, overhead costs, and 12b-1 (distribution MORE

Cost Me

Business / Finance / Cost Me: Arrangement whereby the shareholders of a project receive output free of charge but agree to pay all operating and financing charges of the project. MORE