Social Security (FICA) Taxes

Business / Accounting / Social Security (FICA) Taxes: Federal Insurance Contributions Act taxes imposed on employee and employer: used mainly to provide retirement benefits.

Other Words for Security

Security Verb Synonyms: safety, shelter, protection, fastness, refuge, safe keeping, sanctuary, asylum

Other Words for Social

Social Adjective Synonyms: sexual, sexually transmitted, venereal
Social Noun Synonyms: communal, community, common, collective, group, public, popular, societal

Security Market Line

Business / Finance / Security Market Line: Line representing the relationship between expected return and market risk or beta. The slope of this line is the risk premium for beta. MORE

Security Market Plane

Business / Finance / Security Market Plane: A plane that shows the relationship between expected return and the beta coefficient of more than one factor. MORE

Security Industry Automated Corporation (SIAC)

Business / Finance / Security Industry Automated Corporation (SIAC): Entity that executes automated DOT orders. MORE

Security Deposit (Maintenance)

Business / Finance / Security Deposit (Maintenance): Related: Maintenance margin MORE

Security Deposit (Initial)

Business / Finance / Security Deposit (Initial): Synonymous with the term margin. A cash amount that must be deposited with the broker for each contract as a guarantee of fulfillment of the futures contract. It is not considered as part payment or p MORE

Security Ratings

Business / Finance / Security Ratings: Commercial rating agencies' assessment of the credit and investment risk of securities. MORE