Sole Trader

Business / Accounting / Sole Trader: See Sole-proprietor .

Other Words for Sole

Sole Noun Synonyms: lone, only, singular, unique, solitary, particular, exclusive, individual, personal

Other Words for Trader

Trader Noun Synonyms: dealer, merchant, businessman, broker, merchandiser, distributor, seller, salesman, saleswoman, salesperson, vendor, buyer, purchaser, retailer, wholesaler

Sole Proprietorship

Business / Finance / Sole Proprietorship: Unavailability of a futures contract in a particular commodity or maturity date because of contract executions and limited offerings. MORE

Sole Source Bid

Business / Agriculture / Sole Source Bid: This refers to the required bidding process for infant formula sold through the WIC program. It offers an infant formula manufacturer the option of bidding to be the only provider of infant formula co MORE

Sole Proprietor

Business / Taxes / Sole Proprietor: A sole proprietor is the owner and operator of a business that isn’t registered as either a corporation or a limited liability company. As a sole proprietor, you are personally liable for all of you MORE

Sole Plate

Business / Construction / Sole Plate: The bottom, horizontal framing member of a wall that's attached to the floor sheeting and vertical wall studs. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Sole: 1. The bottom surface of the clubhead 2. To rest the clubhead on the ground MORE

Sole Trader

Business / Accounting / Sole Trader: See Sole-proprietor . MORE