Term Bonds

Business / Accounting / Term Bonds: Bonds that mature in one lump sum at a specified future date.

Other Words for Term

Term Noun Synonyms: name, title, designation, appellation, word, expression, locution, phrase
Term Adjective Synonyms: sitting, stint, session, course, incumbency, administration

Short-Term Borrowing

Business / Finance / Short-Term Borrowing: A bond mutual fund holding short to intermediate-term bonds that have maturities of three to five years. MORE

Intermediate-Term Bond

Business / Taxes / Intermediate-Term Bond: Intermediate-term bonds mature in two to ten years from the date of issue. Typically, the interest on these bonds is greater than that on short-term bonds of similar quality but less than that on comp MORE


Business / Finance / Bonds: Corporate bonds arranged so that specified principal amounts become due on specified dates. Related: Term bonds. MORE

Term To Maturity

Business / Finance / Term To Maturity: Excess of the yields to maturity on long-term bonds over those of short-term bonds. MORE

Short Bonds

Business / Finance / Short Bonds: Bonds with short (not much time to maturity) current maturities. MORE

Short Term Debt

Business / Loan / Short Term Debt: Financing used to secure cash for accounts payable and inventory. MORE