Time Period (Or Periodicity) Concept

Business / Accounting / Time Period (Or Periodicity) Concept: The idea that the life of a business is divided into distinct and relatively short time periods so that accounting information can be timely.

Other Words for Period

Period Noun Synonyms: interval, time, term, span, duration, spell, space, stretch, while, patch

Other Words for Time

Time Noun Synonyms: period, interval, stretch, spell, patch

Quiet Period

Business / Finance / Quiet Period: Time period an issuer is 'in registration' with the SEC and may not promote its forthcoming issue. MORE

QuickTime Player

Technology / Computers / QuickTime Player: A multimedia technology developed by Apple Computer. Developed to display video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music and 360 degree virtual reality (VR) scenes. Apple makes its QuickTime plug-in a MORE

Quaternary Period

Science / Biology / Quaternary Period: The most recent geologic period of the Cenozoic Era, the Quaternary began 2 million years ago with the growth of northern hemisphere continental glaciers and the ice age. MORE

Radar Altimeter

Technology / Radar / Radar Altimeter: A radar altimeter is used by an aircraft to determine its height above terrain. MORE

Radiometric Time

Science / Biology / Radiometric Time: Type of absolute time determined by the relative porportions of radioisotopes to stable daughter isotopes. MORE

Real Time

Technology / Computers / Real Time: The actual time in which a program or event takes place. In computing, it refers to a mode under which data is received and processed so quickly that it appears to the user to be instant. MORE