Transfer Payments

Business / Accounting / Transfer Payments: (See government transfer payments.)

Other Words for Transfer

Transfer Verb Synonyms: move, transport, convey, remove, carry, take, deliver, bring, transmit, cart, haul, shift, hand (on or over), turn over, give, pass (on or along or over)

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Technology / Computers / Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP): When you're exchanging electronic mail on the Internet, SMTP is what keeps the process orderly. It's a protocol that regulates what goes on between the mail servers. MORE

Risk Transfer

Business / Finance / Risk Transfer: The shifting of risk through insurance or securitization of debt because of risk aversion. MORE

Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement

Business / Real Estate / Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement: As required by California Civil Code Sections 1102-1102.14, a transferee (buyer) of residential real property is entitled to a statement from the transferor (seller) which provides information regardi MORE

Radiative Transfer

Science / Geology / Radiative Transfer: One mechanism for the movement of heat, in which it takes the form of long-wavelength infrared radiation. MORE

Step 2 Payments

Business / Agriculture / Step 2 Payments: One of the three cotton competitiveness provisions intended to keep U.S. cotton competitive in domestic and export markets. Under the Step 2 provision, USDA is required to issue marketing certificates MORE

Technology Transfer

Science / Genetics / Technology Transfer: The process of converting scientific findings from research laboratories into useful products by the commercial sector. MORE