Trial Balance

Business / Accounting / Trial Balance: A listing of all account balances: provides a means of testing whether total debits equal total credits for all accounts.

Other Words for Balance

Balance Noun Synonyms: scale(s), steelyard
Balance Verb Synonyms: weigh, estimate, ponder, consider, deliberate, assess, compare, evaluate

Other Words for Trial

Trial Noun Synonyms: test, testing, experiment, proof, try-out, trying out, trial run, examination, check, checking, dry run
Trial Verb Synonyms: hearing, enquiry or inquiry, examination, inquisition, litigation, judicial proceeding, lawsuit, contest
Trial Adjective Synonyms: try, attempt, endeavour, effort, venture, essay, go, shot, stab, fling, whirl, crack, whack

Longitude, Geographical Or Terrestrial

Science / Astrology / Longitude, Geographical Or Terrestrial: The distance in arc a given point on Earth lies east or west of the prime meridian, which passes through Greenwich, England (0° longitude). Geographical longitude is measured from 0° to 180°. See a MORE

Jolly Balance

Science / Geology / Jolly Balance: A spring balance used in the determination of specific gravity. MORE

International Six Day Trial (ISDT)

Technology / Motorcycle / International Six Day Trial (ISDT): Originally titled the International Six Day Trial, since 1980 it has been called the "ISD Enduro." The (ISDE) is the oldest "off road" motorcycle event on the FIM Calendar. (See ISDE). MORE


Business / Finance / Industrials: A bond issued by local government agencies on behalf of corporations. MORE

Low Balance Method

Business / Finance / Low Balance Method: A method of calculating interest on the basis of the lowest balance of an account over the applicable period. MORE

Net Cash Balance

Business / Finance / Net Cash Balance: Beginning cash balance plus cash receipts minus cash disbursements. MORE