Unlimited Liability

Business / Accounting / Unlimited Liability: The lack of a ceiling on the amount of liability a proprietor or partner must assume: meaning that if business assets are not sufficient to settle creditor claims, the personal assets of the proprietor or partners may be used to settle the claims.

Other Words for Liability

Liability Adjective Synonyms: disadvantage, drawback, hindrance, impediment, encumbrance, snag, hitch, barrier, obstacle, obstruction, burden, onus
Liability Noun Synonyms: answerability, responsibility, burden, onus, accountability

Other Words for Unlimited

Unlimited Adjective Synonyms: limitless, boundless, endless, vast, unbounded, immense, immeasurable, measureless, numberless, innumerable, inexhaustible, interminable, never-ending, infinite, myriad, extensive,
Unlimited Preposition Synonyms: unrestricted, unrestrained, limitless, unconstrained, unqualified, full, absolute, unconditional, far-reaching, unchecked, uncontrolled

Unlimited Tax Bond

Business / Finance / Unlimited Tax Bond: Full liability for the debt and other obligations of a legal entity. The general partners of a partnership have unlimited liability. MORE

Net Tax Liability

Business / Accounting / Net Tax Liability: The amount of tax computed by subtracting tax credits from the gross tax liability. MORE

Noncurrent Liability

Business / Finance / Noncurrent Liability: A liability due in one year. MORE

Limited-Liability Instrument

Business / Finance / Limited-Liability Instrument: A security, such as a call option, in which the owner can lose only the initial investment. MORE

Limited Liability Company

Business / Taxes / Limited Liability Company: Organizing a business enterprise as a limited liability company (LLC) under the laws of the state where it operates protects its owners or shareholders from personal responsibility for company debts t MORE

Limited Liability

Business / Accounting / Limited Liability: The legal protection given stockholders whereby they are responsible for the debts and obligations of a corporation only to the extent of their capital contributions. MORE